above and below( excerpt from Llewellyn )

the children looked up as they felt the ocean engulf them raise them up
A great violet wave thrust them up with love
An angelic woman in kaleidoscoping dress
ribboned down in seven colours spiraling as if she was untwisting sun in rain showered rest
a man was holding and unfolding flowers in her hair
They seemed as two but one as magic ocean was so much misted in the air
The children lifted up higher higher on the tips of warm beams of water falling and pulled on the streams of mist that kissed their faces here and there
They were laughing telepathic where
A gush of wind
a rush
a hint
of forming swarming light appeared in sweet
music circle squares
A boy and a girl beautiful and rare
sung from below the waterfall
look at you!
look at me!
we are younger than we dared!
Run with me up the mountain down the other side!
No more will we be old unless we wanna swear!
They giggled and were gone in a cloud!
“Oh give them time they will reappear as rabbits or as fuzzy bears” one girl laughed
A boy yelled ” hey lovers don’t forget to taste the jello when you get to Quiver River ”
I don’t think anyone heard him but Llewelyn smiled as he dropped his hands and let the piano echo one last note

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Excerpt from Llewelyn

(Ocean waves, children’s laughter)
The children splashed, laughed, in the ocean magic warm with music
They had called for rain guitar
the clouds had thus obeyed
The mountains thrummed and hummed, thundered strummed the sun with warm wet wonder lightning danced and played
The children gathered for the Festival of Sounds.
Some were still enjoying the swimming aura rain game
Others slid up and down the waterfall,  mountain valley held them safe
A burst of music from the upper trees, leaves shimmering as chorus
This was the true karma universal core, the ushered in of dreams
The great rest
The end of tests
Pied pipers,  innocence sublime
Children of the rhyme
The secret was kept intact within the mystic filters
The stories bobbed in the waters, unbottled wisdom in the pour
A child stepped into the sea
and opened a new vial
A hush of curious anticipation
A piano wave of tremendous power rippled under feet
The children gasped and floated down,  applauding
Another one another one they chanted without words
( Harmonic hearts are heard)
A girl opened another vial and poured another sound
The children understood only the purest music and words, the worth made it through the karmic filters
Only the divine
The souls that regarded not themselves, truest true ascending
A few words spilled out in song so utterly scintillating
Seep and leap inside!
Aria and fly!
The children swirled in the voice, tears pressing to them whole, floating in such known!
They looked up to embrace these two descending..

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dream of you in
and the sweetnes
Of rain
dawning wet with
and hunger
in thunder
to be tasted

or the way
the meadow
can’t help dawn
and lifts to beckon more..
dew love

or as a train
writhing up a mountain
as the wolf
holding this image
baying through the moon
Wild and yet
Immersed in the
Glory of this picture
momentum  valley
Like the moon
in its heart
sighs also
as they approach
The madness
and the rush force
and the mystic ache
combine oneness
Cleave , one
For the other
  surrender and praise

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A review of Tarkovsky’s Solaris

rkovsky movies go as deep as you are willing to allow them. And every time I watch them new truths and rich emotion seem to work themselves out through the experience of watching. They can be quite personal as to how one interprets them, and at different stages of life they seem to mean different things.
This movie is no exception.
The Russians have a space station on Solaris, a fictional world made of ocean, and strange things are happening there. A Russian comes back with a bizarre tale and the scientists are sure he imagined it.
A scientist named Burton goes to investigate.
When he arrives he finds one of the final three astronauts is dead, a suicide. The others are behaving strangely and yet he cannot get a clear explanation from them.
In this film, this plasmic ocean world  seems to cause each person to encounter their own conscience, their deepest fears and unconquered trauma.
Burton soon encounters his long deceased wife, in the same form as he knew her, and we learn eventually the source of his long suppresed inner guilt and shame.
Burton has no choice but to work through his deepest trauma, an experience that is at the core of this movie.  A beautiful theme is tenderly provoked in this film: an existential yin and yang- advancing as humans in the thirst for  knowledge, and love, the undeniable power of heart, an ocean all of its own

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in this river
this expressive sun
this bursting bouyancy in us
hearts floating
our secret expanding trust
our knowing language
be it silent warm
flowing storm
one ocean
ahead and yet behind, moments forming dawns
dreams known
tasting on purpose
stars moon
the garden
Resting in your comings and goings
A current here
A swirl there
Our whirlpool is together
there is no going down
not in love
allowing the most beautiful us
broken yet so whole
souls passion
rivers come
rivers thirst
sate in  hunger
My whole being in one breath
Intimate power
Letting go
our sea our shore our rain our earth our sweet falling rising
smashing love song sonnett

glowing eyes

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Lion and the Lamb

an ode to you my love
bursting from my chest
lion roaring, carving your infinite delicate breath
Breathing in
your rain cedars
washing me with depth
the song I love
standing in the rain
bathing in
your flowers sacred scent
unspoken wind as psalms
such music
such timbres! such cello echoes on
as the morning
as the mandolin
as the rain guitar
as the echo long as sky chambered
longing for the dawn
when your eyes play with sun
my purpose surely comes
a lion
hunting through your freedom
For your love is freedom
I roam your fields in my hunger
I pause upon your roses, your violets, your perfume fills my senses
your aura in my teeth
I wander through your jungle
your infinite skies
As a God
perhaps lost, then sudden!
found in sweet creation
soaring through your eyes
the lion and the
goddess in the garden
driven to all knees
sating Eden
sating Earth and stars

coffee poem

before the sun comes up
before the shadows fall
before the rooster’s praise begins
I will sit outside, as I always do
coffee in my hand
drinking to the love
swirling in the trees
or the touch of snow, on the hungry pines
where the ravens go
I won’t forget
How you always know
The words are not the same
as the song within loves soul
Not the same as your morning eyes
Or a footstep print
when it’s hard to know
If it’s coming or going
I like to pretend
How life is slow
How it waits somewhere
and we just have to go
Like my father jumping trains
Going somewhere home

How a fool does know he is mostly a pretender

As he rolls and rolls
as far as a prairie goes

pretending  drafts
and morning pretendings
are the real poems